Sideways Saloon Recording Company was born in 2007 out of an ethos of self sufficiency, friendship, community and togetherness which resulted in the labels first physical release, The Travelling Bands 'If this is a gag, i'm in' EP. Released locally in Manchester's Piccadilly Records, 250 inkjet printed CD-R's were encased in envelopes painted with coffee with the track titles hand drawn individually by the Label and their buddies. These were then wax sealed and packaged in hand sewn embroidered corduroy pouches. It was as D.I.Y as it got and Piccadilly Records loved them so much they made the EP record of the week on release and it sold out instantly. A label was born.


DEMOS policy. 

If you think your music fits the the Ethos of the Label then send it on.  A private soundcloud link or equivalent would be best, or mail in a physical copy.  DO NOT EMAIL AUDIO ATTACHMENTS.  Include your genre, project details, contact info and upcoming shows.  SUBMISSIONS@sidewassaloon.com

Sideways Saloon is Distributed by Proper via Kartel Music Group.